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Mon, Dec. 11th, 2006, 11:38 pm
Oh, I'm so sleepy...

So I decided it was time for another update. I don't update this thing nearly enough, and most of the time I never have anything to say.

I always see myself as a negative person, unhappy with everything. But my new friends from school don't understand how I think of myself like that, they always see me as so happy and hyperactive. That I never say overly negative things to give them a reason to think that I'm not emotionally secure with myself. So now I sit here and wonder how have I changed? I guess I really am doing much better than last year, and more specifically the year before. I couldn't imagine seeing myself so happy and full of like back then, and here I am. Happy, nice, I suppose easily approachable since everyone will come talk to me now.

In anycase, enough of this revelation. I have my International Political Economy exam in the morning, I need to do good, but I haven't really been trying. I hope I can scrape by with a 70% even though I'll probably need more. Luckily my prof gave us all the questions that will be on the exam, I studied four of them, and two of them I know inside out, so hopefully I can do alright tomorrow morning.

Other than that, I want to find a date for New Years, after last years shit that went down, I don't want to be alone, preferably not drunk, and yea, don't want to feel alone and stuff around couply people. I'd like to go to Tommy and Prianka's, I heard something about it being classy and stuff...

Goin' to Toronto on Friday! WOOT...still need to get an ISIC card...balls.