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Mon, Apr. 2nd, 2007, 11:14 pm

So, I'm single again. Tired as shit, sick yet again. I need to...work on that eating healthy thing...School is almost over and I'm expecting a B average, which is chill.

I will have worked my longest week since probably Christmas this week (Friday-Thursday of this week, only stoping because of Good Friday, how sad). It's ever worse when you have co-workers who complain about having to work "all weekend", one of them leaves are noon for something. If they don't have serious mental problems, they also KNOW that I work almost every fucking day that I don't have a shit load of classes on. Remember to never complain to the person who goes constantly, it's a wonder how I get sleep at night with everything that is expected of me.

With that, I'm hoping to pick up more shifts at the 'Blaws this summer, mo money means less work? I'm not really sure, but I get paid more and I REALLY need this cash if I want to go to Paris in June, take a summer course, pay for school next year and for my annual bus pass. I can do it, just no time for anything. I suppose I'll need to be pulling 60 hour weeks....Will be a long summer, but hopefully worth it in the end.

I feel so under-appreciated I could cry sometimes, as with all the things I do in a week, I wish people would learn to let me be. I'm too tired for living and I'm only 20.