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Thu, Jan. 11th, 2007, 12:42 pm

So, as you all may know by now, a main character on Degrassi has died. I don't think they've done this before, especially without reason, watching the little goodbye video they made for the actor, it didn't say that he was going off somewhere else, just looks like they killed off his character. In anycase, it was JT Yorke, a youngin' from the beginning. To me it's just weird seeing him all grown up and stuff, I mean, I've mostly just been watching the first 2 seasons of the new series, trying to get caught up and shit. So I wasn't watching the newer episodes, but it just looks like they're trying to address gang violence within schools? I didn't think it was a big problem, but maybe it is in Toronto? ah probably not. Anyways, it was awkwardly done, and if you watch what I'm assuming is next week's episode Toby really pisses me off. But I suppose he was more concerned about Liberty then being sad? Either that or, he dealt with it differently? I'm not sure, I don't know how these things work, or maybe I do, everyone just does it differently, you'd just think that for a tv show, he'd show a little more sadness to the fact that his best friend was killed.

In anycase, Degrassi High will be on DVD this spring, yes! But if you Ebay Degrassi High, it's on DVD in Australia...not bad prices either, a little more than I'd want, but I think I'll just wait for 'em to be in my local store thing...

Anyways, I gave up my life for Degrassi, so there it is.

Thu, Jan. 11th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)

haha, we're cool.
thats actually this weeks episode too, they've been showing two a night this season, which is goood because alot of them are "to be continued".
It's so weird to watch the ones where jt is in grade 8 now, because you know how he's going to grow up.
i was so hopping they would kill of someone i didn't likw, i was hoping they were leading us astray by implying it was jt....i liked jt, he was cool!
I think i'm caught up enough on the series...i've seen all of season 1, parts of two, alot of three and four, all of five and all of six so far...

Thu, Jan. 11th, 2007 07:03 pm (UTC)

oh wow, i definately just watched the little "ryans last day on set" video they posted on ctv.ca, and it made me cry. I mean, I suppose it's not really that sad, since in real life he's not really dead, but i found it alot sadder because it was real life, and to see them all sad and crying, to hear his voice crack when he was saying goodbye to everyone... oh man it was so sad.
Oh well, i'm sure the series won't be along much longer anyway...